A REALLY Great Day!!

Today, May 25th is my son-in-law Herb’s birthday. We decided to celebrate my fabulous husband Tim’s birthday too, since his was just last week. We had originally planned to go out to breakfast, but we decided to do the home cooked meal instead. It was so much better that way. 

Being with my daughter Kim and my amazing granddaughter Kendal was a BLAST. We blew bubbles, played under the kitchen table as a fort, played on the deck for the very first time, and ran around the house and yard like little kids. 

It was so much fun chasing Kendal around. I want to chase her around as long as possible. At 17 months now, Kendal is so fast now you have to watch her every minute. In that way, she very much reminds me of my mom. You have to keep an eye on her every minute too when she’s not in her room reading.

Having the family come over and celebrate was such a great time, because better than a restaurant, we could chat, and run around, and have seconds and thirds if we wanted. While I like going out to dinner as much as the next person, what I learned today was that eating at home is so much more fun!!

A REALLY great day indeed!!Image




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