It’s all in the words!!

I saw my Mom briefly today and it was quite the visit. I always show my Mom pics or videos of what’s going on in the family to keep her updated. I was so excited to show her the family memories from this past weekend. I wondered what she’d say about the pics.

I started with the best video ever, of our granddaughter Kendal running with her arms out for the first time to her grandfather Tim, otherwise known as Pappy. Seeing the smile on Tim’s face as she ran to him was simply amazing!! She used to cry when Tim would pick her up, but not on that day!!  I played the video for my Mom and explained that Kendal was her great granddaughter. “Oh” she said “I thought that was you when you were little.” Just out of curiosity I asked my Mom, “why did you think that was me?” She replied, “cause you used to run everywhere fast too!”  “You remember when I was little?” I asked, really surprised by her response. “Of course I remember”, she said “I used to run after you all the time, especially after you turned two.” I was blown away by her response and I guess it showed in my face. My Mom then asked, “why do you look so surprised? it wasn’t that long ago. Did you think I forgot my baby’s childhood?”…..She then shared a really funny story of me getting into one of my grandmother’s dresser drawers and pulling all her clothes out onto the floor before anyone could stop me. I had never heard that story before. I wondered if it was true. Doesn’t matter, I enjoyed the story immensely!!

For a minute, I was furious that I didn’t have my camera running. I missed an amazing moment of clarity with my Mom. BUT it’s OK. We had a conversation!! I was part of it and no one can take that from me.

I was so happy with how our visit was going. So, I kept going with the show and tell of the pics and videos. One of the pics (below) I showed my Mom was of Tim holding Kendal in a box. My Mom looked at Kendal in that box for more than a minute. I wondered what she was thinking. Then she asked “how much does it cost to mail her?” WHAT???? REALLY??? I wanted to die laughing!!!! As I was thinking of what to say, her next question was “did he put holes in the box?” My answer “YES”, and her final words before returning to reading her book was “that’s good because she needs to breathe until the package gets delivered”. “That’s right”, i said. This quote will definitely be in my next book!!!

It was a GREAT visit with Mom!! There are many similarities between she and Kendal. Mom can’t always communicate what she’s thinking because she can no longer remember the words. Kendal can’t always communicate what she’s thinking because she hasn’t yet learned the words. Even so, I love them both to pieces!!! Words can really be overrated.



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