Decisions, Decisions

Being My Mom’s Mom can be hard work, BUT rewarding too!!! What I’m living by right now is this….Once you make a decision, it’s best to stick with it and not second guess yourself. One decision I’m making right now  is whether to take my mom to see my beloved Aunt Frannie. She’s really jaundiced at the moment from cancer, and I’m not sure how my mom will react to seeing that. I’ve always tried to get my mom and aunt together once every couple of months, but I’m not sure I will continue that tradition. We shall see! 

One of the best decisions I’ve made in the last week was giving my mom’s rheumatologist a signed copy of my book. He was the last edition to my mom’s team and we both love him! He is the most gentle and caring doctor ever, and he makes my mom smile. Is there anything better than that? 

One of the most interesting things of late happened at the end of my mom’s appointment however, and was a first for us!! When we finished with her appointment and had gotten in the car, my mom looked at her hand and asked “what happened to the ring I was wearing?”. I ensured her she hadn’t worn a ring in years and had nothing on her hand when I picked her up. She briefly insisted that she was wearing a ring when we arrived at the doctor’s office and wondered out loud who had taken it. I was worried that it would turn into a full blown episode, but thankfully it did not. She shrugged it off and the moment passed. What will happen next time? Am I ready for that?

Til next time!!



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