A lunch hour memory!!

It’s a great moment for a family memory!!! So for today’s National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month tribute to my Mom, I use a picture that means the world to me.


This pic is one of my all time favorites of (l to r) my Aunt Frannie, my Mom Doris and my Aunt Diane. It’s simply a fabulous illustration of Sister Love!!

My mom was the oldest, and she’ll be 85 in February, but she’s unfortunately the only sister left. Diane died of colon cancer in 2006 and Frannie died almost three months ago of gallbladder cancer.

It was Diane’s death that accelerated my Mom’s dementia decline because she couldn’t process why Diane, who was 18 years her junior, would die before her. And I had no words to explain it of course.

After Diane died, I took my mom to see Frannie monthly and each of us enjoyed the visits tremendously. Frannie was so great about repeating the same stories over and over so she could continue to be connected to her sister. I was just thrilled to have family time!! Sometimes I said nothing, but just watched the two of them giggle. As Frannie was dying, she encouraged me to continue doing a great job of caring for my Mom and of course I promised her that I would. Just like when my sister died in 2011, I didn’t share with Mom that Frannie had died. I believe Mom has the right to her own happiness in her own mind, whatever that might be for her, and I don’t see grief fitting into that.

As I look today at this picture, I see not only family love, but strength too. When I get down because of my Mom’s dementia I’ll use this picture for strength, because back then, the three Perritt sisters could accomplish anything, individually and together. Remembering the lessons that each of them taught me, I know I can accomplish anything too!

Now its me and Mom against this disease! And we’re gonna make the best of it every single day! Love you Mom!


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