“Can they hear me now?”

That’s what I was wondering as the show called The Medical Hour began at 5pm this past Sunday on WCBM radio in Baltimore, MD. It was my first ever radio show and I was excited beyond words. My hosts on the show, Drs.Tom and Carol Ritter chatted extensively with me before buying one of my books at the Baltimore Book Festival in September. After the purchase they walked away with their book, but returned 5 minutes later and asked me if I was interested in being on their show. I tried not to act too excited as I said “I’d love to”. The interview was AWESOME (at least in my opinion). The best part was that Tim got to sit in on the interview too! It was just like I imagined it would be, complete with the “On Air” sign lit up on the wall. A couple of people even called in to the show!! That’s when I knew at least a few people were listening. I hope it was beneficial for them to hear and learn more about the epidemic also known as Alzheimer’s disease.


On Monday, Veteran’s Day, I had yet another first experience. I attended the 27th annual Caregiving Journey Conference held in Alexandria, VA. I was a vendor, selling my book, but because of how the church conference center was set up, the vendors were in the huge room along with the two hundred plus attendees instead of in a separate exhibit hall. That meant that we could participate fully in the conference itself. It’s taken me a couple of days to process how much I learned during the all-day conference sponsored by the Northern Virginia Dementia Care Consortium. I’m saving all of the handouts so I can refer to them later and share them with others. I was pleased with my books sales, but even more pleased with the connections I made. Being in a room with more than 200 people, all caregivers of loved ones with dementia was sobering!! Certainly confirms for me that this disease is a true epidemic.


Along with my other new experiences, I’m also feeling great about the new purple outfits for Alzheimer’s Awareness I’ve been wearing to the most recent events. I feel as if I’m making a difference with my body, mind and soul!! Even more comforting for me is that there are lots of people in this with me as well!! Woo Hoo!! Look out Alzheimer’s, there are lots of people working together intent on eliminating you from the list of horrible diseases! 



It’s been a great week so far!! Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!! Until then, I’ll keep making memories!! Love you Mom!


2 thoughts on ““Can they hear me now?”

  1. Yes…They heard you, I am sure!

    You are doing your part with fervor, commitment, and dedication to bring awareness to this terrible disease. So proud of you. Both days much have been so fantastic for you. On the radio….Wow! And, the conference, too. Love your table arrangement and you in our favorite color….purple. Keep on, keeping on! Love you…..

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