A Years Worth of Life’s Lessons in Just One Week!!

Eight days ago was Mother’s Day, and I had one of the best ever!! It was a glorious day, and we headed to Costca Park about a mile from our house so that Kendal could play (and Mom could watch and get some exercise too!). Mom had a ball watching Kendal swing on the swings and slide down the slide. When we pushed Kendal on the swing, she began to say “up to the sky!” so we would push her higher. None of us knew where she learned that phrase, but she said it over and over. Mom was sitting on a bench observing quietly. I asked Mom if she was having a good time. She said “YES, she’s going high as the sky!” .Hmmmmm. “What did you say?”, I asked. She pointed to Kendal and said “she’s swinging to the sky. Don’t you know that?” I thought to myself “I know it now!” Thanks Mom for teaching me that you still have the ability to retain a few things! Love my Momma!!

Between Mothers Day and yesterday, I had some amazing “teaching and learning” moments, one of which stemmed from the fact that for the first time in more than six years, I returned to the classroom to teach a grad school Security management course in addition to teaching my online classes. I had resisted going back to the classroom for many reasons – such as it requires that you physically drive there and be committed for nine weeks in a row, and that you teach for four hours in the evening after working all day. That’s a lot!! More importantly, I had fallen in love with online teaching where I’m free to “teach” at 4 am in my pj’s.

I’ve been sailing along online, with happy students and outstanding course evaluations. Did I even need to go back to the classroom too?? Yet I felt called, and agreed to teach this one class!! Something happened during the nine weeks that I hadn’t expected. I had a BALL being back in the classroom, and had the best class of students ever!! My students were eleven really bright folks who had all “heard” that I was a great professor who had been talked into returning to the classroom! Seeing those smiling faces in the classroom every week made me even more passionate about teaching, which I didn’t think was actually possible!! After our last class this past Thursday, everyone hung around, hugging and chatting seeming to not want it all to end! Each of them described how much they enjoyed learning all of the business and security lessons in my class. I was thrilled. As the last student was leaving the classroom, he turned to me and said “please don’t leave the classroom again, students need professors like you, I need you to know you changed my life!” Seriously, WOW! Does it get any better than that?

And then came yesterday…. . I was invited as an author to the Delta Sigma Theta Literary Cafe and Jazz Brunch at the Victorian Candle Bed and Breakfast in Hollywood, MD. I thought Kim would really enjoy it too, so I invited her to go with me. I told her I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to advertise her candy if we had samples at my book table.Turns out it was an outstanding idea and I was A VERY PROUD Momma! It was like a second Mother’s Day for me!! Kim and I had the best time ever!! The B&B was gorgeous, the food incredible, and the jazz entertainment was simply awesome!! The eight invited authors gave a brief synopsis and read from their written works, followed by brunch patrons browsing all of the books. Almost all of the authors had candy or mints on their tables, BUT I was the only one who had KIM’S HOMEMADE CANDY!!! To say that Kim and her candy were a huge success would be the ultimate understatement!! Our table was swarming with candy lovers!! I kept saying out loud “that’s my daughter!!” !! Books sales were brisk for all authors. Some of the Deltas purchased books from every author!! I sold books to more than half of the patrons. I was so amazed!

Even better, I learned many things from the other authors at the event! Everyone shared information freely, about publishing their books, marketing strategies and other helpful information. I was happy with all the lessons I learned and thrilled about the wonderful authors I met. It didn’t feel competitive at all, just cooperative, supportive and nurturing. I came away overflowing with pride for my daughter and the wonderful business / Mommy / Daughter day we shared together and for the lessons that the experienced authors gave me as I prepare for book #2.

The last eight days have felt like I’ve learned a year’s worth of life lessons in just one week!!Look out world, I’m ready for more!!




2 thoughts on “A Years Worth of Life’s Lessons in Just One Week!!

  1. Congrats Loretta. I can’t imagine you not being successful in anything you undertake. You’re always well prepared no matter the subject, and your enthusiasm exhausts me! Obviously, you’re passionate about your subjects. If you decide to ‘bottle’ that enthusiasm, I need some. Carole

  2. Thanks Carole!!! You’re always there for me with a positive comment!! I thank you for all of your support! I’m so enjoying meeting so many people and sharing stories!! I work hard to give the best presentations I can!! The energy and enthusiasm just comes naturally!!!

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