Experiencing Life on the Road from a Very Different View!

I’ve traveled a lot in my life, mainly as part of my career, and would “add on” as many days as possible after the work was done so Tim and I could take in the sights no matter where we were.

When Tim and I began dating in the early 1980’s, money was tight, so “camping in a tent” was our economical way to see the Mid-Atlantic and places south.

We loved camping so much that after we married and money was not as tight, we looked into buying a pop-up camper. The “looking” never turned into reality, because illness and other life changers occurred, and camping came to a very abrupt end in our lives.

Having been to the Grand Canyon and few other amazing National Parks, a few years ago we began planning a more intentional “return” to our love of the outdoors and camping. The original plan was to start in Utah to see all the amazing National Parks there. The plan included staying in cabins within the parks to be as much a part of the ambiance as possible.

Those “original plans” changed in a BIG way this week when we “stopped talking about our dreams” and began to “live them” instead!! Our old “pop-up camper” dream of more than 25 years ago evolved into a 36 foot travel trailer.

We are beyond excited about the memories we will be making on the road as we spend time with new and old friends, and especially those memories we will be making with family! For the first 30 minutes of the “camper” arriving in the front of our house, Kendal was afraid of it. Then, she embraced it with great enthusiasm, sitting in every seat, laying in every bed and helping us set up our new home on the road. That first experience with Kendal reinforces for us, that we want to experience as many “discoveries” with her as we can, because “life is short”.

I’m writing this blog from our camper, less than a mile from our house, in a park we’ve been to thousands of times! But this time, we are in the park’s campground, a place we hadn’t experienced before.

I know I’m experiencing an “epiphany” of sorts because I’m having a ball right now in our home away from home and I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee yet. As I write from the “den” of the camper (otherwise known as the Seward’s room when they are with us) and am looking out of the window, I’m amazed at how wonderful this view makes me feel.

I look forward to even bringing my Mom on a short trip maybe even to this park that she loves. Having never fulfilled her own travel dreams, maybe we can make at least a few of them come true, even though she won’t remember.

So look out world, here we come!! Ready to experience all that is in store for us, from a very different view.


3 thoughts on “Experiencing Life on the Road from a Very Different View!

  1. Loretta, I can feel your and Tim’s happiness with your having your dream of travel and camping move from the light of your imaginations and dreaming to the life of your reality! Brava! Have a ball! Many! Love always

  2. Thanks Paul, and you NEVER know!! We may get you and Pontheolla talked into going on the road for wine tastings and / or sunrises!! Much love to you and thanks for your continued support of us!

  3. LOVE THE NAME!!!!!! This is such an AWESOME time for y’all!!! To hit the road…..no hotel ‘check in or check out’ times. Just hit the open road and go! I’m just so excited to see y’all really enjoy this part of your lives and even though I’M truly excited about joining some of the trips, I’m even MORE excited for y’all and Kendal!!!!! SHE…IS…GOING….TO HAVE A BALL!!!!! And the memories you all will make together will MORE than fill her through the years. This is the kind of stuff that sparks imagination and exploration! Going back to the Grand Canyon now would be a WHHHOOOOOLE new and wonderful experience.

    Y’all should drive back to Alaska! 🙂

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