Time Flies When You’re Having Fun With A Purpose!

Two years ago this week, “Being My Mom’s Mom” was published! The incredibl blessings that have come my way as I’ve spoken around the country about the devastation of Dementia on individuals and families are too numerous to count. I’m thankful that I’ve had the presence of mind to document all the presentations and book signings I’ve been honored to give, and I’ve taken many photos along the way capturing many of the amazing people I’ve met. I’ve made new friends and lobbied for funds on Capitol Hill. I learn everything I can about this disease and have shared laughter and tears with those my words have touched.

This past five weeks have been especially exceptional as I’ve had two firsts on my “book road tour”. On January 10th I spoke in Culpepper VA. A reporter came to take photos for the newspaper, but ended up staying for my entire presentation. The several page article she published about Mom and me and the book was incredible!


Then this past Saturday, February 7th, I returned to Charlottesville, VA a popular place for my book tour. The event was called Empowering Caregivers: African-Americans and Alzheimer’s Disease. It was great to give this presentation during African-American History Month!! The other “first” occurred when the press arrived to take photos and get a few sound bites. I had just finished my presentation, so the reporter asked to interview me!! It was exhilarating to tell our nine year story, just a couple of weeks shy of Mom’s 86th birthday!!





I know Mom would be so proud that I’m out there sharing as much information and support as I can through our story. As my calendar for this spring is filling up quickly, here’s hoping for more “firsts” on the road. I’m praying that we will soon be able to celebrate a cure for this heartbreaking disease, but until then, I’ll be out there with all the love I can muster meeting, greeting, and speaking! Love you Mom!! This is all for you!


2 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun With A Purpose!

  1. Brava, Loretta! Onward and upward, as the saying goes! I have more than a hunch that as time proceeds you will have more opportunities to share your message of empowerment – calling us to deal openly with the painful reality of dementia, urging that we mobilize for action to care for loved ones, and, for the caregivers, having us learn to name and claim with honesty the myriad thoughts and feelings that arise. You are amazing! Again, brava!

    • Thanks Paul!! Onward and upward for sure!!! And thanks for all your support over along this journey!! Can’t wage this battle without the support of loved ones!!

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