And the Winner Is……!!

ALL of us!!! How do we all win?? We are winners because February had been quite the month for pushing the horror of Alzheimer’s Disease into the forefront of everyone’s hearts and minds!!! We win if we all keep talking about it, and planning for how we can end this disease by 2020.

This Month of Winning began on Feb 7th, with Legendary Glen Campbell winning the Grammy Award for Best Country Song of the Year for the song he wrote about his journey with Alzheimer’s. It’s appropriately titled “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” and is the theme song from the Documentary about his final concert tour after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. I’ve not seen the movie yet, but those of us who were in attendance at the Alzheimer’s Summit in DC this past September met Glen’s wife and saw the trailer of the movie. It was incredibly emotional as you can imagine.

Then last week, Leeza Gibbons, the hard-working advocate for Alzheimer’s in honor of her mother won the top prize on the TV show Celebrity Apprentice. She won $714,000 to open Leeza’s Connection in Columbia, SC that among other things helps caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s. I honestly had never seen the show but began following it when I learned she would be on and the charity she had selected. I cheered and cheered when she won along with millions of others who are supporting those impacted by this disease.

Finally, last night our prayers were answered when Julianne Moore won the Oscar for Best Actress for the movie “Still Alice” about a woman with Early-onset Alzheimer’s. I plan to see the movie soon, but honestly I’m still trying to work my way up to it!! I’m thinking it will require lots of Kleenex!!

We also pray for more funding, for research to find a cure and to help caregivers care for their loved ones if they have to give up their jobs to provide care. This is the most vocal and tuned-in to any cause I’ve been involved with in my entire life. Seeing these three events occur this month and bringing Alzheimer’s disease out of the shadows is inspiring!!

Those of us who have loved ones impacted by this disease witness every day the loss of the person we used to know. And It’s heartbreaking!! But we’ve been cheering a lot this month and I’m sure we’d all say that we believe our loved ones deserve their own special “Oscar” for playing characters in their own real-life movie they never agreed to star in. Even though she no longer knows me, I would hands down give my Mom the Academy Award for her performance in “Best Mom Ever!” While the movie isn’t coming to a theater near you, I can still watch my “old Mom” any time I want just by pressing play on my phone! She won’t remember the movie clips I show her, but I can still remember for the both of us! Here’s to you Mom – you get a standing ovation!!


6 thoughts on “And the Winner Is……!!

  1. How AWSOME to have those wins!!!! It feels like there’s a ground swell of support going on and that is simply amazing! Small steps can indeed create BIG victories!

    I am looking forward to this being a stellar year for advocacy, research and more touring for you!!!!

    WOO HOO for being winners!!!

    • Thanks. Kim!!! I’m so excited about ground swell on the Hill too!! We may be getting there!!!! Can’t wait to see how the rest of the year plays out! Stay tuned!!

  2. Thank you, Loretta. What a grandly beautiful post, as you might say, “on so many levels.” From your recount of the winning ways of this month – Glen Campbell, Leeza Gibbons, and Julianne Moore, which, in their public presence – are so encouraging…to your honoring anew your mother…to your (and this stood out for me!) mention of your activism and the depth of your engagement that far surpasses your presence and participation to date in any other cause of and in your life (which, as I have watched you and come to know you and how deeply committed a soul you are, this is saying a lot!). Thank you, Loretta, for you – a living witness to hope and possibility.

    • Thanks Paul! I feel as if this cause had become my full time job! I never ever thought I’d be as passionate about it as I’ve been! But I believe that every time I lose another aspect of my Mom, I work harder!! I feel that if I don’t I totally lose her and that’s so scary. On the plus side I’m so encouraged of late!!! I’m hoping the momentum keeps going!! And I KNOW you understand!!

  3. Very well said! PS…I am a devoted Celebrity Apprentice fan since its inception. Wish I had known you were watching. We could have been critiquing the episodes. 🙂 I, too, was happy Leeza won. She is a very gracious lady, stayed above the drama, and deserved the win. I hope you visit Leeza’s Connection in Columbia, and if so, tell us all about the visit. Love you. Winnie

    • Thanks Winnie!!! Leeza truly is gracious!! Love her!! I definitely plan to visit Leeza’s Connection in SC on my next visit!!! Great stuff going on there!! Love you too!!

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