Making Memories Was So Much More Important Than Making Money!

When we left home at 4 am on May 7th and headed to Utah, my original plan was to work in the car in between sights and in the morning while the rest of my family was asleep. But by the time the sun came up that morning, I was pretty sure my plan wasn’t going to work out that well. I was reading in the car, but it was all about Utah and nothing about my work. I also found myself singing in the car with Kim and Kendal, this really cute song that Kim made up to help Kendal understand that we’d be in the car “for a long, long, long, long, LONG time”.

I realized almost immediately that I wasn’t going to get as much work done as I had thought, but for some reason I didn’t really care. We counted farm animals, took pics of State signs when we crossed into a new state, took many potty breaks and stayed for three nights in Pilot truck stops (for free) along the way to Utah and back. Staying at Pilots provided all of us the opportunity to experience for the first time their bathrooms and shower rooms that could put many 5 star hotels to shame!


By the time we got into Colorado, I had already abandoned the work idea because I was having too much fun Making Memories! When we took this photo right before crossing into Utah, I also knew I had totally underestimated the beauty of what we’d see. In Colorado we experienced rain, snow, sleet, hail, and fog, but were also rewarded with a stunning double rainbow. I was amazed!!


We arrived in Utah on Mother’s Day May 10th! Though I was sad about not being with my Mom on this special day, Kim and I really basked in the moment and celebrated our joy at being Moms. Tim and Kendal really made us feel special too with cards and presents!! The best part was that I got to use the homemade scrubs and body butter every day that Kim and Kendal made for me as my gift.

From May 10th until we arrived home on May 23rd, the Memories occurred almost every second. Utah was indescribable! It’s been almost impossible to find the right words to describe the massiveness of the sights and the feelings. The landscape changed several times during the day, revealing more and different levels of beauty whether it was sunny, cloudy, at sunrise, at sunset, or even during a storm. Bottom line was, if you blinked you missed something! One of the most frustrating things was trying to capture what we saw in photos and video. The pictures actually came out pretty great, they just don’t capture the awesomeness of it all.

Instead of spending time working or building anything with the LEGO bricks I had with me, I simply allowed myself to experience my feelings, senses and spirit in every way possible. I also enjoyed every moment with Tim, Kim and Kendal. Watching Kendal experience so many new things was the most amazing part of the trip!

We saw rocks and boulders bigger than us, our vehicle and many DC buildings.

Arches and Canyonlands (2)

We saw canyons so deep that you had to pause to reflect.


We saw sand and rocks in a variety of colors – red, beige, black, brown, gray, and even yellow and green!!

Kodachrome basin and Mossy Cave (11)

We experienced lots of water in the midst of the desert.


Kodachrome basin and Mossy Cave (22)

We saw walls of rock so high your neck hurt from looking up!!


We embraced, then overcame our fear of heights and took Kendal on her very first hike!! We held on to each other and took turns looking down. We saw things that defied gravity, and crawled over things that had fallen. We drove on roads not intended for vehicles, and walked in washes one quick rain away from a flash flood.



Arches and Canyonlands (12)


Best of all, we celebrated Tim’s 65th birthday in Utah, on a day that couldn’t have been better!! We got to see from a different angle the crazy road we had been on the day before, in awe of what we had done. The winding road can be seen behind Tim’s head and seems to go on forever!! His celebration ended at a great restaurant where we experienced a glorious sunset.


We’ve been to many states and countries, but there was something magical about the five Utah National Parks we visited! So much variety of terrain and scenery all in one state. Every experience was different and every scene better than the one before. I was in awe and overwhelmed and experienced for the first time in my life not working for 18 days in a row. I couldn’t be happier!! Turns out, Making Memories was so much better than making money! It was a family experience that we’ll all treasure forever!!


5 thoughts on “Making Memories Was So Much More Important Than Making Money!

    • Tim it was the Best time ever!!!!! So glad we were able to capture the special moments in pics and video. We can treasure it always!!! Now on to our next great adventure in Memory Maker!!

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