I’m Beyond Happy For a Man I Never Met!

If you know me well you know that the only thing I’d change about my life would be to meet my dad just once! Who wouldn’t want to meet the man who literally brought them into the world after my mom couldn’t make it to the hospital in a blizzard? The one and only reason I never met him was because he was gay and my outraged mother made him promise to never attempt to see his children again. How sad, given that most everything about me I inherited from this man I never met. His friends shared with me that to know  my dad, Lorenzo Anthony Woodward, was a gift because he was always so joyous.

But was he really? I can’t imagine feeling forced to marry a woman when that’s not the person you loved. 

Though I’m happy that my sister and I were born, it would have been wonderful if my dad would have been able to marry the man he loved. Dad wrote me letters that I received after his death which confirmed his love for me and his wish for me that I have a wonderful and happy life. 
So today I say Thank You to the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States for deciding that ALL states MUST allow same-sex marriage!! When I read the news flash I almost couldn’t believe my eyes!! I danced around my desk and even shed a few tears because I know that my dad would be dancing and crying too!! I’m so happy for all of the same-sex couples in the United States, but I’m beyond happy for the man I never met! Love you dad!! 


6 thoughts on “I’m Beyond Happy For a Man I Never Met!

  1. I nearly jumped outta my seat and cried too!! He IS happy today. ESPECIALLY since you are dancing with him and have ALWAYS supported him!! We are all dancing together today!

    • Amen to that Kim!!!! I knew the decision might come today, what I didn’t expect was how emotional my response to it would be!! What a great day!!!!

  2. What a sweet and stirring word of recognition and remembrance of your father, your history without him, your wish that you could have met and known him, and your loving regard for your knowing that he loved you, and your word of congratulation to SCOTUS and celebration for all affirmatively addressed and affected by this ruling, which, I believe, includes all of us, both pro and con. For we, alive in this world, whether we acknowledge it or, when acknowledged, like it, are bound together in this sacred experience, this sacred journey from birth to death. Again, Loretta, thank you for your sensitivity to and sensibility about your thoughts and feelings, your longing and your love, and then for sharing yourself (your self!) with us. Much love and respect, always and in all ways

    • Thanks Paul for your love and support!! I never imagined the ruling would impact me in the way it has! Every year I think it will be the year that I get over not meeting my dad, but it’s yet to come!! I always want to acknowledge who he is and was in my life for me! So thanks for believing that I’ve done that!! Much love to you too!

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