I’m Just Thankful!

As we prepare to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, I realize how blessed I am. Four weeks ago today, I was sitting in an emergency room bay, receiving confirmation that Tim had had a heart attack. My mind was racing. I was hearing cardiac rehab for months, lots of medicine and a brand new diet. As I was starting to worry about the future held, I stopped myself and remembered that Tim was alive and was going to be ok, as long as we followed the instructions we’d be given. The worry subsided, and instead I was thankful!!


I’m also thankful this year for all of the people’s lives I’ve touched who share the amazing journey with me of being a caregiver of a person living with dementia. As I’ve spoken to hundreds of people all over the country, I am astounded by the impact I’ve made, the hope I’ve given people, and the tears and laughter I’ve shared with them. The last presentation I gave last week in Roanoke, VA, I was thrilled to be able to have Tim with me as his recovery was well under way! I’m most thankful!


I’m also thankful that though Mom doesn’t know who I am, we are still able to spend so many great moments together. We can still laugh and read together, and her ever sharp wit still remains. For her, and all of the great lessons she taught me, I’m so thankful!


Finally, I’m blessed to have a small but very loving family, a very large group of very loving friends and an amazing and supportive church community! I treasure the time I get to spend with our awesome granddaughter Kendal, and she’s truly the joy of our lives!! The sheer happiness with which she lives every moment of her life is inspiring! For her, I am thankful!

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I wish everyone in this world was as blessed as I am, but because that isn’t the case, I say a special prayer today for all those less fortunate than I am. I pray that all of us will not only be kind to each other today, but to carry this over into next year. Let’s all think about the wonderful things and people in our lives. Let’s tell those closest to us that we love them. For all of the amazing things and people in my life, I’m just thankful!


5 thoughts on “I’m Just Thankful!

  1. Loretta, yours is a wonderfully thankful and, in that, hopeful message. Thank YOU! And what a wonderful picture of the packed house in Roanoke and your posture at the podium, which, for me, captures your characteristic exuberance.

    • Thanks Paul!! I appreciate you!! Many people have asked me about the Roanoke photo and what I was talking about at the time the photo was taken!! You know I don’t know, BUT I instantly thought of you in the pulpit when I saw the pic. I thought “PRA has rubbed off on me!” I’m thankful for you too!!

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