A Birthday Reflection

Fifty-seven years ago today, I was born in a row house in NW Washington, D.C. I was obviously in a hurry to get here because I was born prematurely and I’ve been in a hurry ever since. I don’t do anything half-way. I love my family and friends unconditionally, I give much of myself and anything I have, and I give a great deal of my time to whomever needs it. I’ve been hurt a lot too, but it’s never slowed me down. I’ve just kept hurrying along. What most people would say about me though is how hard I work. Some friends would say I have about 12 jobs and causes, AND they are mostly unrelated to each other. I’ve typically worked from sunrise to bedtime on one job or many simultaneously.

Not even a chronic illness that arrived more than twenty years ago slowed me down. The illness hung around for thirteen years of my life and I spent countless days in the hospital and endured more surgeries than I care to remember. I hurried even more during that time trying to see and do everything possible in case I didn’t survive.

I’ve worked out like crazy and have completed 9 walking marathons. I’ve been fortunate to have visited many cities and countries, I’ve been married for more than 30 years to an amazing man and blessed with experiencing motherhood without giving birth. There’s nothing in this world like being a Grammy and I’ve learned so much from this role that I cherished for four years now. I’ve also been blessed with caring for the best mom any child could have. It’s been an amazing life thus far.

With my birthday so close to the New Year, I’ve never really focused much on creating resolutions because I think we all know what we need to do in our lives for the good of ourselves, our health and our families. Each year though, especially since my 50th birthday, I seemed to hurry more. Is it because I’ve now lived more years than I have left to live? Could be.

So instead of a New Year’s resolution, it’s time for a birthday pledge to myself… Starting today, I’m to go much more slowly… I’ve always Enjoyed life to the fullest, and if you know me well. you’d agree with that. Now I’m going to s-a-v-o-r every moment. I’ll enjoy the hikes more and the memories we make in our camper, and I’ll savor the views I have of this awesome world. I’ll love my family even more and make them my number 1 priority. Work will still be work, but it won’t consume me. There are too many other great things to be consumed by. I’ve done so much for so many others, this birthday pledge I’m going to do just FOR MYSELF!!


10 thoughts on “A Birthday Reflection

  1. YAAAAAY for year 57 years!!!! I am glad you will s-a-v-o-r life even more than before. Not that you didn’t before.

    This year WILL be the most stellar by far!!!

    • Thank you Kim!!!!! Woo Hoo!! This is the year of S-a-v-o-r-i-n-g!!! I hope to something close to stellar!! Thanks for your love and confidence in me!!!

  2. Yea, Loretta! What a wonderful birthday pledge to yourself. To live, to BE present in every moment, especially with your nearest and dearest. In giving yourself this gift of slowing down and savoring each moment to yourself on your birthday and in the days to come, you give us all a great gift, first and foremost of yourself and secondly a model of living and being that we’d all do well to practice. Thank you!

    • Thank you Paul! I think it was definitely time for me to concentrate on me! I want to continue to be a gift to others (loved how you worded that) for a long, long time to come and being fully present with those who love me is the best way to do that. Glad you concur and I hope to live up to the model of living and being.for the rest of my life. My mom would be proud.

  3. Love it!!!!!!! You deserve to eat birthday cake, ice cream wear a silly birthday hat. I, along with thousands of your Loretta fans wish you the BEST BORNDAY and New Year!!!! Absolutely take time and ENJOY your special day. God bless you alwayssss….

    • Thank you Lt. Col. Gen!!! You know I love you, but I’m not sure I have thousands of fans!! LOL!! YEP we are going to be VERY silly today… our theme?? Football and Fajitas! Kim, Kendal and my son-in-law- Herb will be over in a bit! Can’t wait!!

  4. Are you the real Loretta?? I hope so! I’m so glad to hear that you are going to ‘stop and small the roses’ as the saying goes. You have earned it! Enjoy every minute!!!!
    stay up late—go to bed early–whatever suits you and continue to enjoy the rest of the year.


    • Thanks Carole!!

      YES indeed it’s REALLY me!! I’ve been there done that with all this hurrying through everything! Can’t wait to smell more of the roses. I will indeed enjoy every minute and I already am going to bed earlier!! LOL Thanks again!!

  5. I love this post in your blog! You are an extremely well rounded person Ret. I’m not sure how you could love your family more, you give more than 100%, as you do with your friends also.

    You deserve YOU time, you give more than any other person I know. You have always been a wonderful daughter, mother, Grammy, sister, friend! Enjoy your you time to the fullest!

    I love you Ret, you are the absolute best there is and I hope your birthday is everything you want it to be and more! ❤

  6. Thanks you my sister!! First on my list is getting on the calendar with you!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much your support of my over this past twenty plus years has meant to me!! You’ve gotten me through so many things and have supported any and every thing I’ve tried in my life!!

    We are in this til the end!! So glad you my sis and we’ll always be here for each other!! Love you too…. more than I can say!!

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