A Weekend to Remember!

The word “Remember” has been significant in my vocabulary since 2006 when Mom was diagnosed with dementia. So I use the word a lot! Some of the things we remember are great, some are devastating and some are just ordinary moments that you want to tuck away. I tucked away quite a few moments from this weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my worry about starting this camping season in the midst of the current racial tensions in this country. So this weekend, we headed to Fredericksburg, VA a city with amazing Civil War history. We had an amazing time, but in a very quiet way. Not only had I been worried about how welcomed and comfortable we’d feel on the road, I was also concerned about how strong and well Tim would feel back on the road for the first time since his heart attack as we set up, and then took down our campsite.

Truth was, Tim was quite sick with a cold for most of the weekend. He had been sneezing since last Wednesday and I was thinking maybe we should stay home. But we headed out on Friday morning with him being a little congested, but so very happy to be on the road again.

When we got to the campground, we set it up in what seemed like record time, especially since it was our first time out this year. We unhooked the camper from the SUV, then hooked it up to the campsite. I jumped in and helped more than I typically did and we worked together like clockwork. It’s one of the things that I’ll remember the most. When one part of the couple is not at their best, the other part raises their level of effort.

We took a walk in the evening around the campground, getting in our 10,000 steps on our FitBits!! It felt great achieving that milestone together! But the best part of the evening was sitting around our campfire along with a great cup of coffee! Priceless!

On Saturday, we headed to town and did a little sightseeing. I got my National Park Service Passport book stamped, and we took some photos at the Fredericksburg battlefield. Though we probably would have done much more, it was cold and damp and I didn’t want to make Tim’s cold even worse. One of the things I will remember most about our journey into town was our stop in an old church turned into a coffeeshop. We enjoyed tea with honey and sipped it like it was a hot toddy for our souls.

When we headed back to the campground, we stopped to talk to a pharmacist about what cold meds Tim could take that wouldn’t hurt the meds for his heart. Tim took the recommended meds and was pretty much out after that. I went out for a walk alone, thinking about the serenity of the campground and all the plans we have for this summer. I took paths we hadn’t taken on Friday evening and found some great quiet areas for reflection.


Later Saturday night, I was worried about how congested Tim was, and thinking maybe we should head to an Urgent Care, but terrible winds were in the forecast so we just hunkered down. As the scary winds howled outside, I will always remember a calm that came over me when I realized that now that we have committed to seeing this country over the next few years, I also have to accept the fact that the weather isn’t always going to be great. So I said a prayer asking that all would be well, and it was.

Sunday was also a day to remember as we packed up in the freezing cold and departed again in record time, and the traffic Gods were with us as 95 North wasn’t backed up, allowing us to get home in just over an hour.

One of the things that I will remember forever is that I’ve arrived at a new place in my life. Typically when Tim and I have traveled, even close to home, we always ventured out for hours on end to see all there is to see. Now I’m in a place where no matter how much or how little we see, I cherish every moment….. because when it gets right down to it, the company, the journey and the special little moments are what really counts! Those are what we should remember and what I hope to never forget!


4 thoughts on “A Weekend to Remember!

  1. A wonderful post, Loretta. I am so very happy for you and Tim…

    Some immediate take-aways (that is, following your theme, things I shall remember from this post):
    1. My sense of your delight as you and Tim got on the road. Truly, venturing out and camping is one of your couple’s callings, and I believe it a grand thing when folk know and do what they enjoy.
    2. Your happiness in being with and doing things with Tim, coupled (pun intended!) with your awareness of pitching in to do more when Tim wasn’t feeling his best; as sure a sign of coupledom, I believe, as there is!
    3. Your capacity, though joined in lifelong partnership, to do things alone and to find joy in that.
    4. Your awareness of and ability to appreciate the small things – given your account, the walks together or alone, the hot toddy, and given your picture, the sight and smell of a comforting place, the runnning of the water, and so on (Now, I didn’t enjoy the notion of you two out amidst a storm, BUT happy you survived unscathed!)

    Again, a wonderful post! Thanks!

    • Thanks Paul!!

      We did survive unscathed but we’re just lucky!! They had much stronger winds at home than the did at the campground!! Guess it’s lucky we weren’t home as I wouldn’t want to see Memory Maker blown off its perch in our yard!!

      Coupledom!!! Love it!! I think it is important to have fun together but also to be ok alone. The camper next to us was traveling alone, and as he was preparing to depart we struck up a conversation. He shared that his wife had died years ago, but that he kept touring the country just as they had done for many years together before she died of breast cancer. You could tell he still missed her terribly but was still carrying on!! As the Veneys and Abernathys have discussed, we’ve all been on this earth longer than we have left to live so we better make the most of it!! I try to every day!!

      Thanks again!!

  2. Thanks Loretta for the memories and the upcoming adventures. You make it all so special. What lovely thoughts you posted.

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