Wrong Place, Right Time!! 

Given my crazy schedule of full time work, security classes, management training classes, LEGO classes, family and friend events, and book tours and presentations, people have often asked me if I’ve ever gone to the wrong place at the wrong time. My answer has always been No, until last night. As most of you know, Tim and I try to attend every Kendal function we are invited to. There are a lot of functions given that she’s in Montessori school, and takes Tae Kwon Do, gymnastics and dance classes. This past Friday night we had the pleasure of watching Kendal earn her first Tae Kwon Do belt. 

Last night, Kim invited us to come and watch what Kendal had been learning. It was a perfect time to do so, as a pickup Tim had been scheduled to do had cancelled and I was willing to skip a meeting to see Kendal. I rushed home from work, and Tim and I cooked our meal together as we always do and then headed out to meet Kim and Kendal. It was starting to storm so we left early for her school in Bowie so we wouldn’t miss the activity. We got there 15 min early and waited for Kim to arrive in the parking lot.
When Kim texted me to tell me where to go, I immediately knew I had taken us to the wrong place. Tim and I were at Kendal’s school in Bowie while Kim and Kendal were at her gymnastics class in Largo. It was the last day of class for the term so parents were allowed to be down on the floor and could watch up close what their kids had learned (as opposed to being up on a balcony looking down at the kids as is the case for the rest of the class term). So I had interpreted Kim’s comment of “learning” with school and not with gymnastics. A clear example of my not understanding Kim’s communication. An ironic situation given that I teach communications classes. 

While I was mortified that I was in the wrong place at the right time all was not lost. Tim and I had a great time laughing and talking while driving to Bowie and back. Though Bowie and Largo aren’t that far from each other, it would have been difficult during the storm and rush hour traffic to make it there before the class ended. So thanks to technology, Kim sent pics and videos of everything we missed so we could still enjoy it. 

This event showed me how much I’ve grown over the last year. In previous years I may have had a meltdown after making such a stupid mistake and would have punished myself all night for it. But I just shook it off and moved on hoping Kendal wasn’t too disappointed that Grammy and Pappy weren’t there. I played the videos over and over just grateful that I could still experience what I had missed in person.  
Next time I’ll be sure to use the most important of communication rules – to clarify what you think you heard or read before taking action!!! Memories are too precious to miss, so I hope last night will be the only time I end up at the wrong place at the right time!! 


6 thoughts on “Wrong Place, Right Time!! 

  1. Kendal knows how supportive her Grammy and Pappy are, if you missed an event, even at her age, I am sure she knew there was a reason. You are so active in both her life and your own, it’s a wonder you haven’t been at the wrong place before. I’m glad that you didn’t beat yourself up and had a good laugh with Tim over this. I agree with Paul and have often told the kids, the interpretation of the written word is on the reader, not the writer. It’s a great day when you don’t miss something you’ve missed, thanks to video, smart phones, etc… Love you all!

    • Love you too!!! You’re the BEST!!! I am sure Kendal knew the reason, and you’re right, with my crazy schedule it is a shock that this hasn’t happened before!! And like you said, the video was great!! So I was more than happy!!

  2. No worries. We have many events to experience. Life is full of surprises. We are a team and life is so much fun.

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