A Memory We Didn’t Know Would Be So Meaningful…

On Thursday July 7th we left Herkimer, NY and drove to Cooperstown. I wasn’t too excited about the trip because we aren’t huge baseball fans and I didn’t know what else the town had to offer, but we made the hour drive with the primary objective of having some lunch in a quaint restaurant.

When we arrived in Cooperstown we were both stunned!! It’s a gorgeous town with streets lined with Bed and Breakfasts, quaint restaurants and of course everything baseball. I told Tim to pick the restaurant for our lunch, and he picked a place called Tunnicliff, very similar to the place on Capitol Hill where we ate many times with our dear friends Paul and Pontheolla. 

After lunch I thought Tim would be tired as he’d been many times lately and we’d head back to Herkimer. But on this day he had energy and we enjoyed every room of the Baseball Hall of Fame museum and other shops too. He said to me “I love this town, I could live here.” 

On the ride back to Herkimer we talked about how wonderful our afternoon was and that we’d love to go back to Cooperstown during our month in Herkimer. Who knew that three days later we’d be back in Cooperstown but not to sightsee. Tim is in the Special Care Unit of Bassett Medical Center and has a spectacular view of the rolling hills. He looks out the window and smiles at times thinking he’s looking at the view from our Herkimer  campsite.

Thank God we’d been to this town before and could appreciate its beauty and charm before we were forced to experience it’s amazing medical staff and team that have treated us like royalty from out of town…. Tim is at peace in his bed with the view, which gives me a peace I didn’t expect to have while watching him have two strokes and a nasty fall right in front of my eyes. We will continue to pray together and look at this gorgeous view of a town we’d never even planned to visit. When you’re making memories you never know how meaningful they will turn out to be. Fight on Tim, love you!! 


9 thoughts on “A Memory We Didn’t Know Would Be So Meaningful…

  1. Yes, Loretta, amen and amen. We cannot know how meaningful the moments in any given day and the latter memories of those moments will be.

    Thank you for sharing the wonder of your and Tim’s July 7th day in Cooperstown. Love the pic of him seated on the row of old bleachers! He looks rested and at peace.

    Love you, each and both. Prayers ascend without ceasing.

    • There should be a love button!! Thanks Paul!! I will always treasure this bleacher photo!!! He WAS truly at peace!! During lunch I let him have a glass of wine and we toasted you and Pontheolla and our family bond!! Thank you for loving us both!! We love you and Pontheolla!!

  2. I’m so glad you both have this wonderful memory! I pray that you will continue to make more wonderful memories in the years to come. I love you both!

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