“De-Winterizing” My Life!

The past two days have been Monumental for me. I had the day off yesterday and had scheduled to have Memory Maker II “de-winterized”, the process of draining anti-freeze and other fluids that are inserted at the end of the season to protect the pipes and engine from freezing during the winter.

I arrived at Reines RV Center yesterday morning at 11am, proud of having survived a torrential rainstorm on the way. There was a man sitting in the waiting room and we smiled at each other. If you knew Tim at all, you know that he would strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere at any time. I talk a lot too, but am typically less likely to start a conversation with folks I don’t know. After sitting together for a few minutes, the man asked me if I was buying an RV. I explained that I was getting MMII de-winterized. The man, his wife and their next door neighbors were buying an RV together, having been best friends for almost 40 years. As the other three friends joined us, our conversation quickly involved all five of us, and I shared with them information about Workamping, and RVingWomen. They were so grateful and stunned that Tim had died and that I was continuing on to live out our dreams. As they got ready to take delivery of their RV we exchanged cards, and all hugged as if we’d known each other forever. They thanked me for all the help and advice I had given them. I felt like an “experienced camper” helping the “newbies”!! After my new friends left, another man showed up in the waiting room, a biker who was buying an RV to show his grandkids this country. He and I also had an amazing conversation about National Parks and our love of the outdoors. I was having so much fun! Tim would have been so proud!! What I’m really enjoying about the RV life is that I am meeting people who I’d never meet otherwise, and we are having great conversations that thankfully never involve politics or world views!

After driving home in the rain and through rush hour traffic, I was ready to continue my own de-winterizing process for MMII. Because I always have had trouble navigating MMII into the parking area at my house, I came up with a new strategy I wanted to try. My neighbor liked my idea of backing straight into my driveway, then guiding MMII into its place into the extended portion of the driveway, as opposed to backing up over the sidewalk which was Tim’s way and very intimidating to me. We tried it and it WORKED in one try!!! I got out of MMII and danced around as if I had scored a winning shot! In my mind I had! I had conquered the tough task of parking, my least favorite part of RVing! Tim’s way worked for him but I needed to find a way that worked for me! I was thrilled with my success and I didn’t even mind cheering alone!


One of my other goals for this weekend was to totally clean the inside, then label all the storage areas inside and outside MMII, and to better familiarize myself with its heating and cooling systems. I printed out labels and taped them to the appropriate storage areas. I tried different sizes and shapes of plastic storage units (some that hold my LEGO bricks) to see where they’d work best in MMII.


I learned so much and had a great time making MMII and all of its spaces completely my own! And of course there are designated spaces for Kim and Kendal, the other members of the Adventure Girls! I love that my plans are coming together and that I’m feeling much more comfortable being the sole owner of MMII. I know Tim will always be there with me, guiding me from above!

This week got off to a rough and emotional start, but after the last two days, I feel like I’m being “de-winterized” too, draining and flushing a lot of stuff from my old life, and preparing and injecting myself with new stuff and new adventures in my new life as a woman finding her way alone in this world. I’m ready for Spring and Summer and for everything those seasons have in store for me! With so much support from the many people who love me, I know I can’t fail! Much love and thanks to you all!


2 thoughts on ““De-Winterizing” My Life!

  1. Loretta, as I wrote earlier today, “new occasions teach new duties.” I love how you love to learn through joy and pain, mountaintop and valley moments, sunlit and shadowy days. You are amazing and, doubtless, an amazement to yourself. Love you

  2. I do love to learn Paul!! Growth means everything to me, even the growth where you move backwards for a bit. I love how you phrased it though, “joy and pain, mountaintop and valley moments and sunlit and shadowy days”, sounds like a great piece to an amazing sermon!! I am amazed by myself at times. I get the strangest looks on the beltway sitting behind the wheel of MMII. Thanks PRA, love you too!

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