The End of July, Not the End of Love!

For a full year I’d been dreading July 2017… because I’d have to relive everything that happened from July 10, 2016 when Tim had his first stroke, until the 29th when we buried him.  In between those days, there were so many things that occurred…legal things, family things and all those memories we made that constantly flowed through my mind. What kept me smiling was knowing how happy Tim was as we headed into the month of July 2016 living our RVing dream!

I survived July 2017, but it was a painful month. I got through it, and there were some really great moments and memories. But Lord knows there were some very dark moments of loneliness, sadness, and hopelessness too. I’ve asked myself how I got through it, and the answer is easy…. one moment at a time. At the beginning of the month, when I saw a photo of us as a couple, I would cry. On July 31st, I looked at a photo of us, and I laughed out loud. During this month we also celebrated Tim with a pig roast and a memorial golf outing. They were both extraordinary events, yet at times I thought my chest would burst open it hurt so much, but my heart continues to beat.

July 2017 is over, and I wonder how things will be now that it’s August 1st. Will I still be able to hear the sound of Tim’s voice after this month? Will I still feel his hugs and his love and see his pride in me on his face? Of course I will …. I will because though he’s no longer here, he will always be with me in some way, shape or form! No matter where I am as I go on new adventures and meet new people, it will never diminish the memories or the love that Tim and I shared for the 36 years that we were together. This picture of us in Venice, Italy on our 23rd anniversary was one of his all time fav pics of us. When I think of Tim today, I think of how joyful he was every day! I hope you remember him that way too. As painful as this year, and this month has been, I embrace it… because it speaks volumes about who Tim was for me and everyone who loved him. It’s August 1st 2017, and I’m smiling because I had the privilege of being Tim’s wife!

Venice (22)



5 thoughts on “The End of July, Not the End of Love!

  1. “I had the privilege of being Tim’s wife”. So sweet and enduringly lovely a sentiment, Loretta. And, speaking always and only for myself, yet, I think, I trust, expressing a thought with which others who knew the two of you swiftly, surely would agree, Tim daily enjoyed, indeed, relished in the privilege of being your husband. You two were in life and are in blessed memory a couple for the ages. Much love

  2. Paul, A couple for the ages!! YEP that was us!! So many memories to treasure over those many years! It’s cool that you and Pontheolla got to experience so many of those memories with us. I’m trying to work my way up to playing Scrabble again! It was our fav pastime in Memory Maker and I really love the game. But all things in time!

    much love!

  3. There is a saying that people come into your life for a reason or season, I am grateful for the privilege of meeting you at a event in Cincinnati, 2016. You introduced us to your beloved Tim, as well as other members of your family. The beautiful smile on your face when speaking of him, thank you for sharing Tim with us. You returned to Cincy for the Refresh Your Soul Conference, again sharing this remarkable man with us, we (everyone) in the room felt your love and pain. We stood in awe of your presentation. A group where I was sitting starting praying, thanking God for you. Awesome!
    Thank you for allowing me to journey with you, looking at all the pictures, especially the Legos (smile), organizing the garage/other rooms. You inspired me to clean and organized my garage, closets, etc. LOL
    Last month, while attending an event at Christ Hospital, I sat next to the Director of Geriatrics, Dr Stephen Muller and started telling him about you, Tim, your mom, your book, the Legos (smile). He asked for your information, of course I gave it to him (smile). I pray he will reach out to you,
    Blessings and Love

    • Belinda!!!

      Oh my God!!! What an amazing post!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!!! This made me cry!! I’m sooooo grateful for you!! I remember the moment we met like it was yesterday!! Then hugging before I went on for Refresh Your Soul!! You made me feel like I was your long lost sister and I loved having friends in the audience being so far from home!! Thank you for telling me that I inspired you, it gives me confirmation that this really is my calling!! Thanks for all of the prayers!! They are most appreciated!! Love you to the moon and back!! Thanks for giving my info to Dr. Muller!! I hope to hear from him, and YES indeed I have seen the video!!


  4. I forgot to mention there is a Video of your presentation from the Refresh Your Soul Conference being offered to people who attended the conference, Yea! I plan to share it with Dr Muller

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