Love Everyone You’re With!!

These are such scary and turbulent times we’re living in…Devastating hurricanes and earthquakes, growing racial tension, and yet another mass shooting. In my opinion the one thing we need to ensure isn’t turbulent in our lives is our relationships and our love of friends and family. We should never let our time with loved ones end without letting them know how much we love them because we never know when we are seeing someone for the last time. Just ask the friends and family of the 58 souls who went to a concert and never came back.

A Fabulous weekend with some of my cousins has just come to an end. My cousin Winnie and her husband David are visiting from Seattle. On Saturday I took Winnie and David to Mount Vernon. I’ve been there several times but I’d never been on the tour before this weekend. Part of our tour took us to the Slave Memorial about 200 yards from the tomb of George and Martha Washington which we really wanted to see! The Memorial was designed by Howard University architectural students and is set up in three rings – one ring each representing faith, hope and love. When we began exploring the beautiful memorial in a very peaceful part of the property, an employee made an announcement that a short program was about to begin. We were very excited and grabbed a seat with about 20 other people. Two African-Americans were in period costume and it was clear they’d be doing a performance of some sort. Then the employee asked for volunteers to read a tribute to three slaves who worked on the property. My cousin Winnie and I both volunteered to read and it was very emotional for both of us. I read about a slave named Doll. The two “actors” then performed Amazing Grace, in song and with a flute and afterwards Winnie and I were asked to place a wreath at the Memorial. It felt great to share this experience with Winnie. Given the current racial climate in this country, Saturday reminded me that even though there are no longer slaves in this country we still have a very long way to go for equality. As we walked away from the Slave Memorial we were very quiet. I think we were all thinking of the significance of what we’d just experienced.


On Saturday evening JoAnne and Bonita, two of our other cousins joined me, Winnie and David at Oceanaire Restaurant for dinner. We ate, laughed and caught up on our lives. We have such a small family so it’s very important to me that we stay connected! We are all very different individuals but we love each other just the same! My new life motto is Love Everyone You’re With – family, friends and even complete strangers!

On Sunday I joined Winnie and David for a lunch cruise on the Potomac River on the Spirit of Washington. It was supposed to rain, but it didn’t and after an excellent lunch we were able to enjoy the cruise from the top viewing deck. I had a great time  pointing out all the important places and historical facts about DC, Maryland and Virginia for Winnie and David. I did get a little teary without Tim as the DJ played “At Last” by Etta James, one of our most favorite songs ever! But we did a group hug and I felt so much better.

Next up was the short drive to National Harbor where we met Kim and Kendal for ice cream! There was so many hugs and so much love, it was the perfect way to end our day!


For our last day together we spent most of the day at the Newseum!! It was my first visit there, but David and Winnie had been on a previous visit to DC! I absolutely Loved it!! Such incredible exhibits, video clips and Photos!! Some of the exhibits brought tears to my eyes, while others gave me the chills! Another marvelous time! My last full day with my cousins ended at BLT Steak in DC. The dinner was my Christmas present to Winnie and David as I knew they’d be coming to DC this year. BLT Steak was Tim’s all time favorite restaurant so of course we did a toast to Tim! The food was incredible as always and David said his prime rib was the best he’d ever had in his life!! I was thrilled that they loved the food! There was just one thing that was very disappointing, and that was the service provided by our waiter. BLT typically has amazing wait staff, and we observed our waiter being very friendly and cordial to several other tables before he came over to take our order. He stepped to our table and said “yeah”… I said “excuse me” and he said in the coldest possible tone “what can I get you?” I thought about saying “another waiter”. But I didn’t. The only difference between us and the other tables he was serving in such a friendly manner was that my cousins are an interracial couple. It was a celebration of family so we weren’t going to let him ruin our evening. None of us ever commented on the fact that he was as cold as ice until he gave us the bill. The fact that we all had felt it was confirmation for me… But we were bigger than he was. I gave him the same tip I would have given him if he had been as fabulous as the other waiters we’ve had at BLT. But I hope he knows he didn’t deserve it.

As I dropped Winnie and David off at their hotel we all laughed, hugged and said our goodbyes. I also smiled at the hotel staff I’ve been seeing almost daily since last Thursday. One of them said, “y’all must be good friends”. I said “actually, we’re family”. As I drove away, I smiled at how obvious our love for each other was! I also have friends I love more than life itself, and I always let them know. There have also been strangers I’ve met, especially RVers, who instantly have become friends. So if we’re authentic with the folks we come in contact with, love is easy to achieve. The only thing I’d change about our cousins weekend would have been our waiter at BLT. If I had the chance to share a word of advice with him, it would be to be kind and loving to everyone! My Mom taught me well and I’m liking my new motto – Love Everyone You’re With… For me, all of us loving each other can begin to erase the hate. That’s how we can make America great again!


4 thoughts on “Love Everyone You’re With!!

  1. I am SO glad you had an amazing weekend. I’m so sorry about the server! That reminds me of thw one we had in Utah at the Sunset Grill (may have the name wrong). I hope it wasn’t that bad!!! Daddy certainly deserved better on his 60th Birthday.

    David is a wonderful guy and I miss Winnie already. They are a hoot!!

    Here’s to love!!!

    • I think that was the name of the restaurant!! No thankfully the service at BLT wasn’t as bad as that!! Tim truly did deserve better got his 65th. Yes Winnie & David are a hoot! They want us to come to Seattle!

  2. It’s the next day and I am in the process of getting back to Seattle time, doing unpacking chores, with our misty rain and nippy 45 degree temp compared to mid to high 80’s in DC. Love It!

    Our 7 day DC visit was a WHIRLWIND and EXCITING time spent with Loretta, Kim, Kendal, Bonita, and JoAnne, going on a Potomac River Sunday Brunch Cruise with Loretta, visiting historical sites of Mt. Vernon with Loretta, and David and I doing a 2 day 9 hour visit to the African American Museum. This museum is a MUST SEE! Mt. Vernon is a beautiful place, however, it was a very emotional seeing the Slave Memorial and the grave-site marked excavations. I will never get over seeing that.

    Loretta, your synopsis is RIGHT ON, however, no mention of David and I ending up at the wrong restaurant, called Ocean Prime, wondering where you all were and you wondering where we were. Ocean Prime was very welcoming and David and I had a nice time at the bar. You know that story! LOL.

    The Ocean Prime vs. Oceanaire restaurant mix-up was my mistake, as I paid no attention to the map in a text message you had sent nor showed it to David. But, what two establishments have Ocean in the name within blocks of each other. This was all too FUNNY! Still cracking up!

    Oceanaire was the BEST! Great food! All of us catching up with Bonita and JoAnne was so rewarding. And, we can ALWAYS depend on Bonita, our walking-talking encyclopedia, for family history answers to any questions.

    Aside from the the BLT incident, which was sad, the food there was FANTASTIC, and my portion was so generous, I saved half for Loretta to take home. My dish, of Steak Oscar, was THUMBS UP!

    At the National Harbor Gaylord, had a BLAST with Kendal and Kim. Kendal is quite the young lady. Such an ENJOYMENT to be around. Our dessert there was fantastic. Our time together PRICELESS!

    Loretta, David and I look forward to you bringing Kim and Kendal to the area.

    Much Love to All, Winnie and David

    • I loved your comments Winnie!!!!! LOL!! You need to write a blog!! You’d be s huge hit!! Of course I wouldn’t have mentioned about Ocean Prime and how you got lost in spite of the fact that I sent you a map in advance!! LOL!!!

      I LOVED being with you and David!!! I’ll treasure these memories and YES I can’t wait to bring Kim and Kendal to Seattle!!!

      Love you!!!

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