My Cup Runneth Over With Joy!

Tomorrow morning I’ll start a fairly long road trip. But I’m ready because I’ll have a very unusual secret weapon with me!! About 6 months ago while giving presentations in Pittsburgh I stumbled across a very cool coffee shop in a mall. I’m a Starbucks girl for sure, but this shop had a coffee mug in the window that drew me in!! First and foremost the mug is purple, the color for Alzheimer’s which I fight against daily! But it’s the words ON the mug that inspire me!! I began carrying the mug with me on the road and if I ever begin to feel sad without Tim I read the words over and over.

This last week was incredible and the joy in my life was overflowing!! Kim and I had an awesome Mommy / Daughter Day at the African American History Museum and saw a fabulous play at the Kennedy Center, I met for hours with a new friend named Reenu after verging the MLK service at church, I attended the wreath laying ceremony at the MLK Memorial in honor of his birthday, I was treated to a birthday dinner with my sister / friend Louise, I began writing a new LEGO-building seminar and finally yesterday I proudly watched my daughter serve as sign language interpreter at her church on the same day little Kendal was baptized!!

Does it get any better? It goes without saying that we missed Tim! He would have been bursting with pride and so was I! When I got home from the Spirit-filled service at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church I took out my Joy cup, filled it with tea and stretched out to relax and watch a movie.

I know I have a long stretch in front of me when I’ll be away from my family, my friends and my church. But each day I’ll remind myself of all of the things I have to be grateful for and I’ll definitely see each day as a new beginning. If all else fails I’ll just take out my cup of Joy, fill it with my favorite coffee or tea and remember that my cup runneth over with love and joy! May your cup runneth over with Joy!!


12 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over With Joy!

  1. A wonderful post, Loretta. That cup is a wonderful symbol. In the spirit of this symbol, yes, hold on to your joy, drink deeply of your joy, and share your joy with the world. Indeed, in the words of that grand carol, “joy to the world”! Love

    • Thanks!!! Ok I’ll be singing that grand carol on the road!!! That cup has become my security blanket of sorts!!! It’s pretty inspiring!!!

      Love ya back!

  2. What a great post Ret! I am glad you have your cup of Joy, and that you can use it when you are feeling less than joyful. Everyone needs something that lifts them up, and you have yours. Love you tons!!

    • Love you my sister!! This poor cup has been everywhere with me so far!! It’s kinda heavy but I so love it!! I probably should have brought two in case I break one!!! The words are stunning and I just love it!!! I still miss our days at MCI with our morning cups of coffee!! It’s how we got to be sisters!!

  3. May your Cup of Joy be filled to the brim each day during your long road trip, Loretta! Along with tea, your cup is filled with warm, precious memories of your week with Kim and Kendal. I’m looking forward to hearing you share your stories and wisdom (again) on Wednesday evening in Illinois. I will be bringing you a very grateful hug for all that you share. ♡

    • Hey Dawn!!!!! Thank you so much!! Looking forward to seeing you again on Wednesday!!!! I so love this work I’m doing on the road! AND It will be great to get to get a hug!! Woo Hoo!!! See ya then!!

  4. Your cup runneth over with blessings from above! I was thinking, ‘this JOY that you have, the world didn’t give it too you and the world can’t take it away!!!! Thank you for sharing your Cup of Joy and beautiful pictures. We want you to come back!!!!

    • Girl you know I’d come back any time!!!! It’s been such a Joy having you in my life!! Seems like forever ago that we took that picture together!! And you’re right! No one can take my Joy away!!

  5. Awwwwww!!!! WOW!!!! YES! It was an aweaome day!!! It was an amazing day! THANK YOU for this shot!! I sure do look different than I did 15 yrs ago! WOW!!!

    She was soooo happy and proud of herself! I know Daddy was there!

    • YES you look and are different from way back then!!! It was great to watch you provide this awesome ministry!!!!

      And YES Kendal really was proud of herself that was sooooooo cool!! She was beaming just like Tim!!

      Glad I have my cup of Joy for the road!!

  6. You have inspired me to follow. With God’s help, I want to launch my company and help other professionals by sharing resources to help them become leaders in their field while continuing to support my sister’s and brothers through advocacy. You are friend, mentor and a beautiful person rolled into one. Thank you for you!

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