Going Down Memory Lane!

I had only one goal this weekend and it was to prepare my security course for the summer session after a textbook change. That meant writing new thought-provoking discussion questions and exam questions requiring critical thinking. I saw no opportunity for going down memory lane this weekend but it happened anyway.

I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing for the last few weeks so every 90 minutes or so I’d take a break from my academic work and go downstairs to the laundry room, my latest target to organize. I was stunned to find a huge box filled with cards, photos and other memorabilia. I had forgotten all about this stuff and have no memory of putting it all in this storage box. Some of the photos go back to when my Mom was a kid and also include lots of photos of my 35 total years with Tim.

I smiled and laughed and cried and spent much longer looking through the box than I had intended, but I’m way ahead on my classroom work so I allowed myself to indulge. It was incredibly restorative for me! I’ve lost so much of my Mom already but I found a card today that “temporarily gave her back to me” and really lifted my spirits!!! I don’t remember receiving it at all! Mom always taught us to send thank you notes whenever someone did something nice for you!! I remember once Mom’s friend gave me a pack of pencils (and they weren’t even colored pencils) and I still had to write a note!! And I still write those notes today!

Mom sent this card a little more than a month after she was diagnosed with dementia almost 12 years ago! The words on the front of the card remind me of the dementia work I’m doing as I speak around the country. I feel like I leave a little bit of myself behind wherever I go! I guess Mom believed that even back then I was spreading good deeds!! It also speaks volumes about the love Mom had for Tim since he too did so much for her and he loved every minute with her!

I’m so thankful for this card and this new energy because it confirms for me that I’m on the right mission. I’m so glad I took that detour down Memory Lane today because it was the road I needed to be on!! Love you Mom, I’m ready for my upcoming week now!!


6 thoughts on “Going Down Memory Lane!

  1. Hmmm, perhaps, dearest Loretta, your detour down Memory Lane wasn’t a detour, but rather a calling. Something led you there and to that box of memories. I feel assured that this – something, some calling, some power leading your there – is so because of the blessed result of your renewed awareness of, focus on, and energy about who you are and what you are meant to do.

    Carry on!


  2. Oh, Loretta! Your mom chose the perfect card! You are most definitely “spreading good deeds like flower seeds” everywhere you travel. It makes my heart smile just remembering the two evenings, sponsored by Artis in Illinois, when I heard you speak. Heartfelt thanks for a sweet walk down Memory Lane. Warmest hugs, Loretta, for the difference that you are making for so many families! ♡

  3. Thank you soooooo much Dawn!! You made my day!! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that I am making a big difference for caregivers!!! Artis has connected me with so many people!! I’m really Blessed!!

  4. Loretta,

    Oh the countless blessings and joy we receive; even when our eyes are filled with tears ‘going down memory lane’.


    Belinda Larkin Sent from my iPhone


    • Amen to that Belinda!!! There was an amazing video on Facebook from 3 years ago of Tim with our granddaughter the other day with the biggest smile on his face!! It made me smile and laugh!! I’m so glad we have those memories to look back on!!

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