Goodbye July, Bring on August!

You tried to take me down July but I’m still here,  my faith is so strong that I carry no fear.

I think I set a record for all the tears I cried,  but that was so much better than keeping my sadness inside.

I went camping on the 17th to celebrate my sister and Tim and my RVing Women sisters surprised me with a toast in memory of him.

My journey with Mom’s health taught me so many lessons. I used those lessons daily as my therapy sessions.

Mom is my super hero because she never gives up. it’s stunning that this quiet soul is so incredibly tough.

In and out of the hospital Mom’s spirit shined,  even with seizures and broken ribs she said she was “fine”.

I tried to keep up with the dates of Mom’s events, doctor’s names and information they shared. It was daunting all month long but I tried not to be scared.

We are doing our absolute best to keep Mom happy and steady. Caregiver Janet watches Mom like a hawk and is always ready.

The love and support I’ve received from friends and family warmed my heart. July was an immense struggle, but August is already off to a great start.

I’ve updated my website and presentations and I’ve completed a five-mile walk.  As part of my self-care this morning God and I had an empowering talk.

I’m even stronger than I thought I was and am ready for whatever is meant to be. I’m thankful that God and many others are walking this journey with me.

Keep healing Mom! You are loved by so many!