Crossing Things Off the Bucket List!

While our lives continue to be filled with stunning news on a daily basis, I came to Chincoteague Island VA to chill out (socially-distanced style) with my RVing Women sisters and to hopefully cross something off my bucket list. Having never seen a rocket launch other than on TV, one was scheduled to occur this weekend from NASA’s Wallops Island a few minutes drive from where we are staying. Originally scheduled to launch on Thursday night, the countdown got all the way down to T-2 minutes before being aborted. But last night was different, and at 9:16pm we all stood in awe as we watched from across the island a huge orange ball light up the sky and head towards heaven. It then turned towards us and literally came right over our heads causing the ground to shake!!! It’s hard to describe how incredible it was unless you were there! I cheered along with the crowd and prayed that Tim was watching from heaven since we tried several times without success to see a space shuttle launch in person! I pray the rocket arrives safely at the space station to drop off the 8,000 pounds of supplies it was carrying!

Then this morning I was able to cross off another bucket list item, to ride a bike more than 10 miles, including riding off the beaten path! At 7:30am my friend Sue and I headed down to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, riding on paved paths, gravel, rocks and sand along the way!! It was a brisk morning with bright sun and I can’t imagine a better day for our trek!! My favorite part was the trail that took us down a path that was so narrow we had to get off our bikes and walk. When the trail opened up again, we found ourselves alone at the beach and we both stood there marveling at how lucky we are to make these God-given discoveries. I knew that like me Sue always traveled alone to the RVing Women events, but I didn’t know until today that she too is a widow. We stopped for coffee, donuts and cinnamon rolls on the way back to the campground and I truly needed the rest!! Whew!! Our total for our adventure was 13 miles! Another bucket list item gone! I’m thrilled with my bike I bought at the last camping trip and I’ll keep on riding to new places!!

The one thing on my bucket list I still can’t cross off yet is for a cure to be found for Alzheimer’s disease. It continues to take more of my Mom each day! In the last week her legs have started to shake badly, she doesn’t want to move her legs forward to walk and most concerning is that she’s starting to forget what to do with the meals placed in front of her! Anyone who knows my Mom knows how much she LOVES to eat, especially dessert!! So when I was told that she has to be promoted to eat and sometimes need assistance, it’s becoming crystal clear that she’s losing more of her brain function as each day passes! I’m going to keep praying for the day when my bucket list item for a cure for Alzheimer’s can be crossed off! I’m smart enough to know it’s increasingly unlikely that it will occur in time to help Mom, but will certainly help millions of others! In the meantime, I’ll continue to show Mom all the pics I take and the stunning things I’m able to see and experience so she can experience them with me! Every now and then when she sees something she likes she can still say Wow!! I hope the photos and video clips I’ve taken this weekend, especially of the rocket launch will bring about one more WOW from Mom when I see her next! Even through our masks and sitting six feet apart we can still enjoy adventures together and I thank God for every day we have left to do that!

Stay well and safe my friends! Let others know you love them every chance you get!


8 thoughts on “Crossing Things Off the Bucket List!

  1. Loretta, I am praying and do pray with you that you, that we all will experience the third bucket list item you mention in this post, finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Lord, may it be so and soon…

    I also weep with you as you watch your beloved mother, dearest Doris continue to deteriorate…

    I also admire you for the hope and courage that keeps you keepin’ on in life’s adventure and, with such unwavering fortitude, in caring for your mother. May she enjoy these stunning photographs! And I can hear Tim, as he watched the rocket heading his way, say, “Dayum!”

    I also — taking every chance I get — tell you: I love you!

    • YES Paul!!!! You captured Tim’s response so accurately!!! It was a mind-blowing experience!!!

      As for Mom, trying to get a hospice assessment for her to see where we are, so I appreciate your prayers tremendously!!

      Love you back!!

  2. Dearest Loretta,

    It’s so good to hear from you today and to hear of both the bright spots and the sorrows of your life right now. Your Chincoteague adventure sounds wonderful. When you said the rocket launch created a bright orange ball, I thought immediately, “Oh, Tim is loving this!!! I know he was right there by your side as that ground shook and the rocket took off for the space station. He’s cheering on all those checkmarks against your bucket list. I envy you your bike riding. It used to be my favorite thing to do when I was young. I wish I could still manage it. Chincoteague sounds like a beautiful place, and I know your RV group is so special to you.

    I’m sad to hear that your mom’s condition is worsening. I know it’s the nature of that terrible disease, but it’s so hard to watch it happen. I so admire your determination to walk every single step with your mom down this path, supporting and loving her with your signature ferocity and passion. I have the two of you in my prayers. She is so lucky to have you, and I know you are so lucky she is your mom as well.

    Thank you for sharing the good and the not-so-good, dear Loretta. I’m so happy to have you in my life, even at a distance. You give me hope for humanity.

    With much love,


    • You and Paul made my day Karen!!! YES with all the news cycles of late I needed this getaway!! I couldn’t have written this script any better, except for the part about Mom’s deterioration!! I loved the bike riding but Lord knows I’m gonna be sore tomorrow because I also did my usual 11,000 walking steps!

      Mom’s current status Breaks my heart, but I so love her willingness to try to engage, she’s such a strong woman!! I’ll keep smiling as long as she does!!

      Love you back my friend!!! Keep that hope going and stay well!!

  3. You never cease to amaze me 😱. Thanking God for your energy to enjoy your life, taking care of your Mom as well as sharing your adventures/life with your friends 🤗. Wow, the rocket launch was astonishing, I believe Tim was with you in spirit 😇. Keeping your Mom in my prayers and you 🙏🏾. A cure is on the way, Our God has a way of showing up when we least expect it. It seems like COVID 19 has taken over as they seek to find a cure. Our family had our first death in 19 years with the passing of my sister, the oldest in our family at 82. I remembered how you shared memories of your sister. He helps to remember special times with our loved ones 😊. One of my longtime friend as been diagnosed with bone cancer, starting her treatment this week.

    Loretta, stay safe and well . Continue your travels, with your RV family. Blessings and Love Belinda 🥰


    • Hey Belinda!!!

      Sooooo great to hear from you!! I will continue to pray for a cure for Alzheimer’s!! I’m soooo sorry about the passing of your sister!! YES I loved recalling my memories with my sister! It was healing!! I’ll be praying for your friend with bone cancer too!!

      I’m loving doing all of my presentations virtually right now, and won’t be flying anytime soon!!

      I love being with my RVing Women, they certainly keep me happy and engaged and help me to relaxed!! I’m so happy for this incredible weekend! It was the last camping weekend of the year. I can’t wait for COVID to be over and we can figure out what the new normal will be for all of us!

      You stay well too my friend!! Much love to you!!


    • Thanks Robert!!! I appreciate your WOW!!! It really was an awesome weekend filled with all of the kinds of adventure that I needed!! The launch was unbelievable!!

      I hope you’re doing well and staying well my friend!!


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