You Never Know How Many People You’re Helping!

I’ve been trying to write a post for a few weeks now, but I couldn’t get the words to come.

Conquering Life has been tough for me of late, I think being alone so much has taken its toll. I really miss sitting with Mom flipping through magazines and next Thursday she’ll be 92. After her seizure and hospitalization two weeks ago Wonder Woman bounced back yet again, but I wonder what the rest of 2021 holds for us. I’ve cried a lot this week primarily because of the deaths of two friends friends and a colleague.

I know that I’m following my calling and mission but every now and then I believe we all need confirmation that our chosen calling is making the difference out in the world that we hope it is (other than from our Facebook friends who are very supportive). In the last 24 hours almost on cue to help pick me up I received two phone calls and two emails from people who have only heard me speak once.

I’ve set HUGE goals for myself for 2021 and I’m working each day towards achieving them. I’m going to put this email up as my current motivation because it touched my soul. This pic is just a portion of the very long email I received from the author who is a pediatrician from southern VA. You never know how many people you are helping! The lesson I’ve learned this weekend so far is to take my own advice and just remember to take one day at a time!


4 thoughts on “You Never Know How Many People You’re Helping!

  1. Loretta, this touched me so much — both that you were feeling sad and that you received such a heartfelt confirmation of your gift to others!

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