On this somber 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country, I remember all who died, especially my friend Rick Rescorla who as a Security Director died helping all of the employees from the company he worked for escape safely from the burning towers.

As the anniversary approached, I watched quite a few movies and documentaries about the before, during and after of 9/11. For me, one of the most powerful was the Netflix movie Worth, based on the years of work done by the lawyers responsible for putting a dollar value on all of the lives lost in order to pay the families left behind. The emotional journey of the characters throughout the movie was breathtaking, heartbreaking and inspiring.

The movie taught me that determining how much a life is worth would not have been something I could have even contemplated being able to do. YET since watching the movie I have thought about Worth a great deal. I am reminded that people kill each other every day over such trivial material things such as money, cars and even shoes, as if life is Worth absolutely nothing.

For me, the time we have on this earth is PRICELESS as is the time we spend in relationship with others. Both 9/11 and Covid have taught us that we don’t always get to say goodbye to someone we love, so as we spend time with each other we should do our best to make every minute Worth it as if it’s our last time with them. I do that with my Mom every visit because I know our time is limited, but I know I don’t always do that with others!

This last month has been very emotionally difficult for me as people I love have died very suddenly or have fought and recovered from or are currently fighting critical illnesses. I’ve tried to provide peace and comfort to them all (or their relatives) and every moment I got to spend with or am still spending with them is Worth every single minute of my time.

Twenty years ago on this morning 3,000 individuals left their homes and never returned. I pray that on this day we can tell our friends and family that we love them and spend time being kind to others, even if it’s not someone we know or know well. I promise you that your efforts will be more than Worth it for them and for you!

7 thoughts on “Worth!!

  1. Dear Loretta,

    I so appreciate your heartfelt words this morning about your memories and learnings from the morning of 9/11/2001. I can feel the pain you felt through your words. Isn’t it ironic that the most valuable lessons of our lives come from our deepest hurts? Knowing that we should not take for granted moments and experiences with those we love and care for is hard-won wisdom bought with pain.

    Thank you for your eloquent words but also for the depth of your heart’s wisdom about the real worth of a human being. The movie sounds amazing, but I also know you are one who is well-versed in that knowledge just by virtue of being yourself and having lived the amazing life you have lived, with your mom, with Tim, in the work you do with and for people suffering deep loss and grief, in your great faithfulness to all the people you touch and who touch you.

    May all of us turn a corner today on the 20th anniversary of one of the worst days in our lives and realize we must begin the journey out of the fear, the anger, the reflex judgments, the divisions, and the enormous waste of humanity and its potential that I believe we fell prey to in great part because of the events of that day. Violence begets violence, and 9/11 demonstrated great violence, which American society seems to have adopted and nurtured in so many ways in the past 20 years. May we at long last begin to let 9/11’s lessons lie quietly in our hearts. May we resolve finally to learn how to live with each other on this earth and in this society with respect and appreciation for the worth of each and every one of us.

    Much love to you today, my dear Loretta,


    • Thank you so much my sister!! I really pray that we can turn the corner now that we’ve reached the 20th anniversary because as you pointed out so well we’ve demonstrated all the things we shouldn’t – the divisions and waste of humanity for far too long!! I keep waiting for us to come to our senses and really value each other’s worth!! I hope I live to see that and I’ll just continue to have faith that it will happen!! As tragic as 9/11 was there was also incredible unity throughout the country! May we all get back to that unity…

      Love you back!!! Hope you are well!!

    • Thank you my dear friend!! Since I retired I’ve been making an effort every day to cherish each and every day given that we know it’s not promised to us!! Stay well!!

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