10 Bonus Months!

10 Bonus Months

In 2021 on March 23rd Hospice advised you had 48 hours to live.                                               But they should have known Ms. Doris had so much more to give.

For 10 Bonus months you showed us the way.                                                                                  You gave us love and joy every single day!

Each day you said “Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” thousands of times.                                                Whenever we asked how you were, you said you were just fine.

We sang, laughed and played with lots of LEGO bricks.                                                                   To “go home” you tried escaping from bed with different leg tricks.

Your will to live earned you a Wonder Woman blanket for your Mother’s Day gift.              Being filmed for the Thriver Thursday series gave us a huge emotional lift.

We were able to get you outside several times last summer.                                                                 But the day you missed your first Lifesprings field trip was truly a bummer.

You declined in the fall and needed pureed food.                                                                                  Yet nothing ever seemed to dampen your mood.

You said Thank you and Good Morning with such much joy.                                                            We kept your mind occupied with magazines and fidget toys.

For Christmas I gave you Wonder Woman socks to warm your feet.                                                      You loved them and smiled as if they were a great treat.

We knew time was getting short at the beginning of the New Year.                                               You slept a lot but didn’t seem to have any fear!

For 10 bonus months many more memories were made.                                                             But on the last day of January your soul began to fade.

Your feet were really cold so we put on your Wonder Woman socks.                                                      You took your last breath at 3:27pm according to my clock.

I’m so grateful for the 10 bonus months God gave us with you.                                                            I will carry your legacy on knowing that in heaven your brain is once again brand new!


2 thoughts on “10 Bonus Months!

  1. On my goodness, this is so beautiful! You did it girlfriend!! Ms Doris, our Wonder Woman. You can down breath, cry and rejoice…. It is well with your soul. Love, love, love


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