What Labor Day Means to Me!

For me, Labor Day used to only signal two things. The end of summer and the first day of school the following day. Now that I’m over fifty years old, I feel much differently of course. In the family research I conducted for my book, I learned much more about the decades my family members spent toiling in mostly low paying positions, though they were worth much more. I never understood the difference between low or high wages as a kid, because my grandparents and my mom, with whom I lived, never complained about what they earned. They made me feel as if we were rich. I was surprised later in life to realize how little they had earned in their work lives, YET how much of their earnings they had actually saved.

I was taught to be grateful for having a job, and to work hard at every single task I took on. I was taught to go to work every day, unless there was a compelling reason not to. Today, I’m grateful for all of the different types of work I have – my professional work, my volunteer work, and especially my spiritual work. I don’t focus much on what I earn, I focus much more on what the Labor I’m doing actually means!!

I’ve also learned to mix in some fun with the labor. So I’m grateful for Kendal, Kim and Herb’s visit today. It allowed Tim and I to put the laptops down, and enjoy some family laughs and love. And I’m grateful that all of us have jobs that we actually love! 


I give many thanks and much praise to my Mom, for the Labor Day lessons she passed on to me, and for taking me to all of those Labor Day parades, even if I didn’t understand they were about much more than the marching bands! 

Back to work!!!  Happy Labor Day!