Clevedale Is My Hallowed Ground!

I feel like I’ve been here a million times…. here at Clevedale Historic Inn and Gardens in Spartanburg, SC with our dearest friends Pontheolla and Paul. These last two visits in January 2017 and my current visit have both been without Tim, which has been a little easier this year than last.

The moment I arrive on these grounds they feel absolutely Hallowed to me! We helped Paul and Pontheolla move here, now many years ago. We moved boxes and furniture all carefully directed by Pontheolla. I can still hear Pontheolla yelling at Tim and Paul if they didn’t follow her directions to the letter! We had our own suite here and Tim was probably happier here than most any place we’ve stayed. He claimed the suite as his own, as our own…..and seemed to forget that we weren’t the only ones who stayed in that room.

In my new room named Ohana…love oozes from every corner!! It reminds me that Paul and Pontheolla and God all love me and that I can still enjoy this place as much or maybe even more than I did with Tim.

On my walk around the grounds yesterday, I could feel and almost even see Tim in every inch of these beautiful grounds. Especially along “his walk” along the driveway, and “his bench” next to his favorite tree. I purposely wore my Cooperstown sweatshirt to symbolize that even though Cooperstown, NY is where Tim physically died, he’s still alive and well in my heart and mind at Clevedale. I think Paul, the man of words, said it best last night at our annual birthday celebration for me and Pontheolla when he mentioned that even though we were four, and now we are three….. our love and family bond comes easy and still feels so right.

I get one more walk in today (when it warms up) before I head home tonight…I look forward to having my spiritual time with Tim and with God! I thank God for Clevedale Historic Inn and Gardens and for everything this place will forever mean in my mind, my body and my soul! Love and miss you Tim!