What A Difference 20 Minutes Could Make!!

Caregivers are Special people!! I speak with first-hand knowledge because I know some incredible caregivers, and I’m in my eighth year as my Mom’s caregiver. You may know that caregiving can have harmful mental and physical health consequences. These consequences can include depression, fatigue, stress and even chronic illness. What you may not know is that the latest research shows that caregiving can take as much as 10 years off a family caregiver’s life. Cruel right??

Many of you know I am a member of the Facebook Support Group called US Against Alzheimer’s, and I’m one of the groups moderators. It’s an amazing place where caregivers can vent when they need to, get questions answered and find comfort and support as well. That site also allows members to read about new research and studies and Alzheimer’s data. One of these studies is the reason I need the help of my caregiving friends!!

How do you know if you’re a Caregiver? You’re a caregiver if you

  • are a daughter supporting your mom with memory problems – and mom lives in another state.
  • missed your son’s last football game to deal with a crisis with your parent who has memory issues.
  • are a working woman who has to take time off work to drive your dad (who has memory issues) to doctor appointments.
  • are a mom trying to raise your children and support your parent with memory issues at the same time.
  • are a dad who gave up a fishing trip with your kids this summer to support a parent with memory issues.

If you are a Caregiver, all I need is a mere 20 minutes of your time. Why is this important? Because the 20 minutes you’d spend on this online survey would help researchers focus on the cognitive toll of caregiving. It’s important because what would happen to our loved ones if something happens to us?? Taking this survey shows the research community that caregivers can be valuable research partners. With this survey we’re creating the largest virtual cohort of caregivers to join together on the front lines of research without ever leaving home.

The 21CBT / Health e-Brain Study invites caregivers to complete a quick lifestyle survey and take a Lumosity brain performance test. And the results will be shared to help you protect your health for the future. Those of you who know me well know that my number one fear when I was younger was dying from my fairly long illness and leaving my Mom alone. My other fear, getting Alzheimer’s disease myself… If I was that unlucky, I’d want my caregiver family and friends to take a study like the one in the link below, especially if it could be something that helps them in the long run.

Click here to learn more and participate in the 21CBT/Health e-Brain Study. Your participation will contribute to critical Alzheimer’s prevention studies.

I hate Alzheimer’s disease with a passion and I hate it even more knowing that it doesn’t just destroy our loved ones, it can destroy us too!! Since we can’t do anything about preserving our loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease, Anything I can do to help preserve the health of caregivers I’m more willing to do. Please help if you’re a caregiver or share this link if you know someone who is. If my Mom could understand the work I’m doing in the fight against the disease that’s slowly taking her from me, she’d be proud. It’s ALL for you Mom, Love you!!


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