I’ve already received my Christmas Gift!

I’ll be alone for most of Christmas Day and that will be perfectly fine because I received the best gift ever today so I’m already completely fulfilled. I not only got to see Mom through the glass door, I got to witness something I didn’t think I’d see again!

To rewind back to this summer, Mom had three seizures, a fall that resulted in a broken clavicle and four broken ribs, and two hospitalizations. She was so weak by mid-summer that even after physical therapy she could barely stand by herself.

Because she can’t follow directions due to her dementia, the physical therapist wanted to stop working with her after 10 sessions even though Mom was approved for 18. I insisted that they finish her sessions even if they thought it was a waste of time. I’m never going to let anyone give up on my Mom! I spent weeks in early fall working to get Mom a wheelchair so we could do our best to keep her from falling again.

After Mom’s physical therapy ended, Janet worked very hard to help her regain her strength. So TODAY when I arrived she got up from the table and walked to the front door by herself with Janet following very closely behind her. Janet had called me on Tuesday to share that Mom had started to walk on her own again and I was really excited, but to see it for myself today was priceless! She not only came to the door, she tried to open the door to come out!

I never really expected Mom to regain her strength to this degree again, BUT it is proof as to why you should NEVER give up on someone with dementia. It’s why I only focus on all the things Mom can still do! No gift I might receive on Christmas could top the gift I received today! Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but today was pretty great! Love you Mom! Thank you Janet!


13 thoughts on “I’ve already received my Christmas Gift!

  1. Wow, what a blessing! Loretta, I must admit when you shared all the things your mommy was going through it made me cry. But one thing I know about you, you are quitter and you are resilient. You get that from your mom 😊. The pictures are worth millions, seeing your standing at the door was simply priceless. I got a big old smile on my face, laughed when you said she tried to open the door. I bet she wanted to give you a big ole hug 🤗. God is so good! The best is yet to come 🙏🏾

  2. Loretta, this is wonderful. What a gift! I will be thinking about you this Christmas season and sending lots of love!

  3. Dear Loretta,

    I am so happy for both you and your mom that you had such a beautiful “resurrection” yesterday. Neither you, your mom, nor Janet ever cease to amaze me. The level of commitment, love, and devotion in your woman-power triangle would run the world if we could harness it! (Fossil fuels, watch out!) Thanks for the sweet, sweet pictures and for that wonderful comeback story. When you can hug your mom again, please give her a hug from me. I have loved learning about that amazing woman from you ever since I read your first book.

    I don’t like thinking of you alone on Christmas, Loretta, but you will be present in my thoughts that day, and I may even give you a call. Ted and I and Emilia are strictly quarantining for two weeks so that she can come and be with us for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I can’t wait! It’s been almost a year since I was able to hug my daughter!

    May you and your mom (and the incredible Janet!) have a blessed Advent and Christmas season, Loretta.

    With much love to – and gratitude for – you, my dear sister,


  4. Karen,

    It’s soooo great to hear from you!! Thank you soooo much!! It was Quite the day yesterday!!! It was one thing to hear about it over the phone from Janet but another thing entirely to watch her do it!!!

    Actually the Christmas thing is going to work out just fine. I have some LEGO Serious Play sessions lined up for New Year’s weekend so I’m going to plan them all out on Christmas day. So in others words I’ll be playing all day which is really something to look forward to!!!!

    I will definitely give Janet your best, she is truly one of a kind!!!

    I’m glad you’ll be spending the holiday with Emilia, I’d quarantine to do that too… I’ve basically been doing that too so I can see my granddaughter on her birthday on Monday the 14th. There is supposedly a restaurant in Annapolis that has hugely separated tables so we will see if that works out. I’ll reach out to see during the holiday and let you know I’m ok!!

    Much love back to you!!


  5. Wow! AMAZING! FANTASTIC! All these come to mind. What a wonderful Christmas gift to receive from your mom. She was able to give her baby girl a very special gift that only moms can give. Continued Blessings and prayers. Your favorite LtColGen. Luv u Mrs V.

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