What January 2016 Taught Me!

I learned that I’m stronger than I thought! Aside from my actual birthday on January 3rd, I had been dreading January because I thought I had packed my schedule with TOO MUCH stuff this time. I was in the last four weeks of a ten-week course at the University of Phoenix where I was taking and teaching a course with a mentor as part of the process to join their faculty. I also took an intense four-day class in San Antonio to add a new course to my consulting business. And there’s more….. I began teaching a nine-week in-class course at Webster University, prepping for my upcoming LEGO courses, AND working my full-time job too!

Why would I torture myself like this? Easy answer. I had set some very lofty goals for this year, including increasing the money I set aside for my Mom’s care and moving forward with plans for Tim and I to see more of this amazing country in our Memory Maker. On this last day of the month I can officially say I survived January. But I did make some choices. I didn’t see my Mom nearly as often as I usually do, and aside from the first Sunday when the choir sang Happy Birthday to me, I skipped church for the rest of the month, choosing to rest and work at home on Sundays. What surprised me most was the fact that I was calm throughout, and I was in control. I spent hours building new LEGO creations I’m quite proud of, which was incredibly relaxing for me. I was prepared each day for whatever came, and even when there were a few unexpected surprises and more work at my full time job, I rolled on. I was even rewarded with more book gigs and sales I had not expected. Even the blizzard of 2016 last week actually helped me achieve more than I had thought possible given that I couldn’t leave the house for five days. One of the best things I believe I had going for me was the work ethic I got from my Mom. I finally saw her this weekend after the big dig out. What was the first thing she said when she saw me? “Are you still working hard?”. I said yes of course and she said “I knew that”. She may not remember me, but she knows me! Love my Mom!

Here’s the build that I believe describes my January. I took many steps as high as I could go, and though I’m afraid of falling and failing I kept going. I twisted, turned and went around corners. I took baby steps when I needed energy, and then climbed high again. Aim high, think big – and bring on February!!



8 thoughts on “What January 2016 Taught Me!

  1. I’m so glad to be a part of all your new adventures. I will continue to be so supportive of all your endeavors. Keep striving and great things will continue on your path.

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